Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Michelle And Her Mom Dancing On ( Just Dance) On The Wii (+playlist)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome To My Cozy Little Parlor: Christmas Tree Stuck In The Elevator

Welcome To My Cozy Little Parlor: Christmas Tree Stuck In The Elevator: This is a funny story that happened at my job. One of our staff here at the senior retirement home that I work in was in charge of putting ...

Christmas Tree Stuck In The Elevator

This is a funny story that happened at my job.
One of our staff here at the senior retirement home that I work in was in charge of putting up the Christmas tree in the sitting room. She had to bring it up from the basement storage room. Well somehow it got stuck in the elevator. So here is the video that I took of it. 

The Victorian Stroll 2013 In Troy NY

The Victorian Stroll in Troy NY is always an exciting time of year, and is enjoyed by everyone. People come from miles around to enjoy this special event! The city is packed with people. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Many people dress up in Victorian Era clothing, and it is really fun to see all the wonderful outfits.

All the shops are open, and you can go in and look around without even having to feel like you have to buy anything. It is a great way to find things you never even thought of, or hard to find objects. You will find many wonderful treasures in these shops. Also many stands in the Atrium. Where you will find a live band singing Christmas music, as well as live shows performed by the children.

There are also lots of food stands as well lining the street. You will also see street shows for free. You will be able to ride the streetcar, and kids can ride on the vintage Fire Truck! There are also Doggy wagon rides for the kiddies! There is even a man walking around on stilts. 

I have included a video of Motorcycle Santa, and he was a big hit!

So if you did not attend this year, plan on going next year. It is the first Sunday in December. 

Merry Christmas To All!! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mia's Birthday Cake!

Obamacare Not A Good Thing.. My Rant

This whole Obamacare thing has created quite a mess in everyone's lives. The program was suppose to help people get affordable Health Insurance, and so far it's not working. People can't even really get into the site. There is so much confusion about this whole healthcare thing. Also I have heard that people who have health insurance already , will be cancelled, as Obamacare says these plans are outdated.
Why you ask? Well to start with the new plans are more expensive. This whole thing is more about the Government than Healthcare. And certainly not for the poor and low income people.

I for one can't afford any of the plans that they offer. If I have to get a plan, I won't be able to buy food.
They are not taking into account things like rent, utilities, food, gas, phone or anything else. And they are looking at what you make, not what you really take home after taxes. And if you can't pay for health insurance, then you will have to pay a penilty.

They are also making things worse by cutting the Food Stamp Program, because they know once people sign up for Health Care plans, they will not be able to pay for all their bills and everyday living expenses.

This whole Obamacare plan is going to crash, because people will become homeless and hungry, just trying to pay for these plans. There is a reason why low income and poor people don't have Health Insurance. I'ts because they can't afford it. And Obama did not offer a solution, he just made things worse for everyone.

This is not a country of FREEDOM anymore. It has become a dictatorship!!!! We as the People have no more RIGHTS.
So why bother even voting anymore, because no matter what, we the people always get screwed over in the end.

Just my 2 cents, if I even have that in the end.
Thanks for reading my little rant.

Advantage By Gabor, Looks Like A Poodle

This is a wig review on Advantage by Gabor . I was not happy with this wig at all.

Halloween Party, Can I Offer You Some Brains?

This cute little Halloween clip will give you a bit of a chuckle!

Strangers At The Super Market

A quick video from one of my grocery shopping trips.

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Cat Loki Has Issues, With Playing With Poop

Here is a random video I took of my cat Loki one day, as I was trying to clean the litter pan, and she did not want me to.

Memories With The Grandchildren

I so treasure all the time that I spend with my grandchildren, so I wrote this article, and I may look back on it, plus share it with my family and friends!

Living Life In South Troy NY

Just my thoughts about my hometown here in Troy NY

Review Of The ORION 46 Class LED - LCD HDTV

If you are looking for a really nice and inexpensive TV, take a look at my review.

The Dangers From Smoking Fake Marijuana

It is sad to see this stuff is still out there, and being sold even though it is been banned from being sold in stores, and it is a crime to use this stuff. It is now against the law, and you will not pass a drug test if you use this horrible drug. Read this article and all the comments on it.