Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Is In The Air !

I am so excited! Spring is right around the corner. And this year I have a new home with a big yard.
I can't wait to get out there and plant a flower garden as well as a vegetable garden.

I also have a cute little front yard with a huge tree, with an old fashioned wrought iron fence. Which I plan on putting some cute lawn ornaments in the front yard. 

I am told we have a pear tree and grape vines in our yard. Humm I wonder if I should learn how to make homemade wine, lol. 
I am looking forward to all the great backyard BBQ's that we are going to have, as well as sitting out on my front porch and relaxing.

I am also looking forward to finding out what kind of bushes that will be growing in my backyard. I really hope there will be a lilac bush, because they are my favorite! I just wish spring would hurry up already and get here. I want to get my hands dirty planting everything. The only part I don't like, is weeding the garden, such back breaking work. 

So what is everyone else looking forward to, please share with us!

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