Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome To My Cozy Little Parlor: Pea Soup For The Soul.

Welcome To My Cozy Little Parlor: Pea Soup For The Soul.: So this morning I posted a blog about waking up and thinking about French Toast, and it got me thinking about other comfort foods that I lov...

Pea Soup For The Soul.

So this morning I posted a blog about waking up and thinking about French Toast, and it got me thinking about other comfort foods that I love.
And Pea soup came to mind, as I just made it the other day for my seniors at the old folks home.
Now that fall is upon us,it's time to dig out the soup pots. Pea soup is thick and very filling,.and so good on a cold day, especially if you have been out raking leaves. We all know what hard work that is. That's why we round up the kids and pay them to do it. Am I right ? Lol.
I remember back in the day my mother used to make it. And it always felt like a treat,because as she put it, it was a lot of work,but so worth it, and it always tasted better the second day!

It all starts with the simmering of the Ham bone, until the leftover Ham falls off into the broth, then adding onions and carrots,.dried green peas,and chicken broth or bouillon cubes for added flavor, and salt,pepper to taste. The soup simmers on the stove for a few hours, filling the house with mouth watering aroma. And when it's ready,pare it with crispy garlic toast.
So when there is a chill in the Autumn air. Think pea soup, just a good down home comfort food.

French Toast On My Mind.

I don't know why I woke up craving French Toast this morning, but as I lay in bed the thought of it just got me so hungry. I was thinking of the warm toasty feeling when I eat it,and how it hits the spot on a chilly morning.
My next thought was what flavor French Toast did I want?

The key to a good French Toast is the bread, which are thick slices.  And day old or stale is better. You can buy bread that says French Toast bread or choose your favorite. Even if it is plain white bread. All though Brioche or challah are good choices when it comes to thick bread. I have even used croissants in the past. Sadly I only had white bread on hand today.  But that's fine, as long as I'm having my French Toast. Ah so now to choose the flavor,which was a hard choice for me today. I ended up going with mine soaked in almond milk with almond extract flavoring,sprinkled with cinnomom when it hit the pan. And when it was done, drizzled with some nice raw honey. Sometimes I think maple syrup hides the flavor of the French Toast. I am not one to waste anything,so I made scrambled eggs with the rest of the mixture.
The other day I made French Toast for my granddaughter,and she chose banana flavored,with Strawberry sauce. She was a little piggy and ate 4 pieces!

Lol so that's pretty much it. I can start my day with a little extra energy. And today is my day off with lots to do on my list.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Walmart Is Really Starting To Suck! My Little Rant.

Well on my last shopping trip to Walmart I realized that they are really starting to suck..  Why you ask? They are a super center, and should have everything. Well not so true. They don't have a big selection on many things, such as the girls clothing department has shrunk big time. You can't even find nice hoodies or sweatshirts, and pretty much you only see one brand to choose from.  The pet department is really only geared toward cats and dogs. Not birds, hamsters or even rabbits, and most of the fish in the tanks are dead, and just floating around. They hardly have anything in the bathroom department, or even the curtain department. In the bathroom department they only have one size towel, and only one brand to choose from. The colors suck as well. And the texture of the towels are rough, not soft. Ah, but they have a huge toy department tho..

Also half the shelves were empty, and you can never find anyone, when you need to ask a question. And if you do they are really rude. they act like you are bothering them. Also They sell most of the products online now. They don't stop to think that not everyone wants to look at a picture and buy it, we want to touch it. Also there is never anyone at the jewelry or paint departments..  I guess I really did not need help with buying paint anyway. There is always Home Depot.

And the produce department, at least the store I shop in, looks ugly and dirty, and you never see anyone stocking anything. The bakery and meat departments look okay tho. I do have to say the meat is priced pretty good.

The cashiers don't know how to bag stuff the right way. Really why would you put my cheese and yogurt in with my clothes??? And speaking of cashiers, the self checkout cashiers don't pay attention because they are to busy talking to other employees . And you have to wait for them to help you, plus you can also see them fooling around with their phones. No wonder people try to walk out with stuff, nobody is paying attention!! Hello??

I think I really have to find a new place to shop. Ha ha I get better service at the Family Dollar store, than Walmart these days. Maybe I will even take a trip to Target and see what I think, because Walmart is just starting to tick me off.

Since Walmart has become huge, and all these super centers are popping up everywhere. I think they they really suck now.
Well that's my Walmart rant for today. Thanks for reading.