Tuesday, October 28, 2014

French Toast On My Mind.

I don't know why I woke up craving French Toast this morning, but as I lay in bed the thought of it just got me so hungry. I was thinking of the warm toasty feeling when I eat it,and how it hits the spot on a chilly morning.
My next thought was what flavor French Toast did I want?

The key to a good French Toast is the bread, which are thick slices.  And day old or stale is better. You can buy bread that says French Toast bread or choose your favorite. Even if it is plain white bread. All though Brioche or challah are good choices when it comes to thick bread. I have even used croissants in the past. Sadly I only had white bread on hand today.  But that's fine, as long as I'm having my French Toast. Ah so now to choose the flavor,which was a hard choice for me today. I ended up going with mine soaked in almond milk with almond extract flavoring,sprinkled with cinnomom when it hit the pan. And when it was done, drizzled with some nice raw honey. Sometimes I think maple syrup hides the flavor of the French Toast. I am not one to waste anything,so I made scrambled eggs with the rest of the mixture.
The other day I made French Toast for my granddaughter,and she chose banana flavored,with Strawberry sauce. She was a little piggy and ate 4 pieces!

Lol so that's pretty much it. I can start my day with a little extra energy. And today is my day off with lots to do on my list.

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