Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pea Soup For The Soul.

So this morning I posted a blog about waking up and thinking about French Toast, and it got me thinking about other comfort foods that I love.
And Pea soup came to mind, as I just made it the other day for my seniors at the old folks home.
Now that fall is upon us,it's time to dig out the soup pots. Pea soup is thick and very filling,.and so good on a cold day, especially if you have been out raking leaves. We all know what hard work that is. That's why we round up the kids and pay them to do it. Am I right ? Lol.
I remember back in the day my mother used to make it. And it always felt like a treat,because as she put it, it was a lot of work,but so worth it, and it always tasted better the second day!

It all starts with the simmering of the Ham bone, until the leftover Ham falls off into the broth, then adding onions and carrots,.dried green peas,and chicken broth or bouillon cubes for added flavor, and salt,pepper to taste. The soup simmers on the stove for a few hours, filling the house with mouth watering aroma. And when it's ready,pare it with crispy garlic toast.
So when there is a chill in the Autumn air. Think pea soup, just a good down home comfort food.

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